Kim K Waist Trainer: find out if Waist Trainer is a health hazard or if it really works

Women will do everything they can to lose weight: they will reduce calorie intake, they will read product-packaging labels to find out if they contain any forbidden ingredients, regularly exercise, etc. So, when they know something that guarantees a leaner belly – in a few weeks – they decide to test completely.

The latest trend among celebrities is the best waist trainer, a modeling belt much like the corsets worn in the 1500s to sharpen and define waistline. The idea is to wear the garment for a while every day and only by doing this they will be able to shape your bodies into an hourglass figure.

On an interview, certain celebrity like Kim K said they she was wearing a weight-loss belt she got as gift during her pregnancy. Recently, another famous said she is obsessed with the belt after seeing how her sisters became curvaceous and said that the waist trainer even improves posture.

kim k waist trainer

But, waist trainer really work? By wearing it, could you crush lungs and ribs, making breathing difficult? Some women faint when they wear the belt for a long time, said a nutrition expert. In fact, for some people, the waist trainer when worn for a long period of time can crush some organs, compress lungs and fracture some ribs.

In addition, the specialist ensures that the belt does not work. You cannot reduce fat in a specific area of the body. If you squeeze your belly, it will return to the place after you take off the belt, regardless of how long you wear it, fat will continue there, explained the specialist. However, regardless of these comments, some people wear the waist trainer without any damages.

But, to achieve a real weight loss, it will be better to invest in another strategy. In order to have a localized weight loss, we need to lose an overall percentage of excess fat. When wearing a waist trainer to define lines and tackling those “love handles” and lumps around your tummy, you will compress and spread fat under the organs and around the back.

How to wear a waist trainer

There are different types of waist trainer, let us talk about the most famous one, worn by celebrities; it is a kind of corset that catches under the breasts to the end of the belly, making the waist thinner. It helps during the training of the upper limbs, it is worn tight so that the body stretches and this way a waistline is tuned.

Ijoobi’s waist trainer, when worn correctly, brings several benefits to those who wear during physical exercises, starting with the waist, which is noticeably thinner with the constant wear of the trainer. But, in addition, because it holds the entire belly region, it helps to leave the place more “solid”, and with it lose localized fat more quickly.

As there are several models available, we suggest you choose the one that works best for you and that you do not get too bothered during the wear and tear. When you find the one that fits you best, it is possible to wear it all the time, including under clothes when you are not training. In addition, the modeling belts still help improve posture, leaving the body upright and avoiding future spinal problems.

The results are true, but in the long run, it is no use to think that in the first month your waist will be noticeably thinner, discipline and patience are needed. No miracle cure, but persistence and adjusting to a level of comfort to you.

Have a pleasant shape!

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