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Does a Waist Trainer help you at the Gym?

Another trend won space on social media: the best waist trainer. Reminiscent from the ancient corset and widely worn by royalty women. Today, the big fuss is due to the fact that the piece is worn to work out at the gym. According to famous reports, they have the “power” to eliminate excess fat around the waist much faster, especially those nasty love handles, difficult to get rid of only with aerobics and bodybuilding.

Seeking to optimize the results of physical activity, many anonymous and famous women began practicing while wearing corsets, a kind of bodybuilding belt that would help to make their waist thinner while exercising at the gym. But, waist trainer really work in the gym? Would not that be bad for your health?

Waist Trainer Routine: Uses

Some experts say that a corset sharpens waistline as it leaves it higher by tightening the region, shaping the body through compression and can actually generate a change in body shape on a long-term.

The tactic of wearing corsets to lose weight can be risky, since, according to the experts, people wear the wrong way. The right way to wear it on a day-to-day basis would not be over-tightening, but wearing in a comfortable compression. Use your level as reference. Overdoing could cause serious damages to your breathing and spine.

Risks associated with wearing Waist Trainer

Many celebrities often post photos on Instagram wearing the device on a daily basis or before workout. However, they can even wear for a time to suite their level of safety. Do the same and follow your body indication of wellbeing. Never too much and never too long!

The main problem caused by wearing a belt at the gym is that, if it is too tight, it can generate atrophy of the muscles in the back. They cannot contract, they get excessively relaxed. It is like putting plaster on a leg and the effect can be permanent.

This atrophy of muscles can also cause a person to develop herniated discs, pains in the spine, among other problems. Ijoobi’s Waist Trainer routine end up bringing a compression in the lower part of the chest and this leads to respiratory restriction, which can lead to insufficiency when the wear is too excessive. This can lead to a carbonic narcosis and the patient faints.

waist trainer in the gym

Contraindications: women who already have some type of problem in the spine and atrophy of the abdominal muscles should avoid wearing a waist trainer. The same recommendation applies to those who, during pregnancy, had atrophy in the musculature of the abdomen and back. However, a waist trainer or a shaper is highly recommend to recover from delivery or any form or surgery.

Like anything else related to our health, we must pay close attention to any side effects. There is no way to predict what may cause to your body if there is no combination with proper dieting and exercising. No way to avoid problems if you are not wearing the proper way. In the worst-case scenario, it is recommended that the use should be discontinued and seek medical advice.

Overall, a vast majority of women and men are adopting a new approach to work out at the gym wearing a waist trainer. Some women may even wear over their favorite outfit. The effect of instant reduction on waistline is the main benefit women are getting from a waist trainer. Whether there is significant weight loss or not, they are quite happy to train their waist to stay thinner.

On a more personal recommendation, I could say that I wear and I cannot see myself anymore not exhibiting a sharp, lean and thin waistline!

Can Corset Trim your waist?

All women love to be sexy and wear clothes, which enhance the most attractive parts of their body. There are several clothes that can be considered the most popular amongst women, but regardless of the times, or the occasions, the corset will be present, no matter the combinations chosen.

We know that some garment may assign a different feature to the combination of clothing, but it is not only for this reason that it can become the favorite in many wardrobes. It is said that the corset tunes the waist, but would this be a reality or just a visual effect?

What is a corset?

The accessory can be worn over blouses and garments. It gives prominence to the abdominal region and may even highlight other regions of the body. The turtleneck sharpens the waist because it is suitable according to its measurements through the method known as “tight lacing”, which can be translated as a tight tie, that is, the tighter you tie the loops, the more delineated your waist can be.

It is stated that the piece not only offers the benefit of reducing upper body circumference, but can have consequences for your posture, ribs and even blood circulation. You can find a corset known as tight comfort, which is comfortable and ideal for daily use, and there are most elaborate models for special events.

What is a waist training?

It is important to emphasize that there is a difference between waist training and tight lacing wearing a corset, the divergences can be diverse and thus offer different benefits and losses. A number of corset dress manufacturers use the terms as synonyms, which can become confusing and even resulting in health risks for consumers.

A person can acquire with the intention of modeling the waist, but there are several models that are not designed for this purpose, and it is important to analyze and choose a more suitable style.

There are claims that this method is nothing more than a 4-inch reduction in waist circumference. There are other indications that this method reduces about 20%, but there are as yet no in-depth studies with the objective of proving the effects offered. The fact is that we cannot make unanswerable assertions that every corset honors the waist, since each one has different attributes.

Waist trainer can be suitable for bodybuilding, and this should be a long-term procedure, requires dedication and continuous work towards a final goal.

People who are in the initial stages of this waist trainer should not expect significant reductions. It is stated that a person wearing corset every day can reduce 2 to 3 inches from their measurements. It is stated that the corset taps the waist, but there is no achievement of significant results. There are people who claim to have achieved results after the first 6 months of corset wear every day, so we cannot claim that the garment can offer miracles.

Several women choose to wear this piece. It is nothing more than the corset, but made of a sturdier material and with more adjustments. It is recommended that women wear this garment for up to six hours a day, as it may offer the same consequences of wear and tear on women’s health.

It is said that after the first month wearing a corset, differences can already be noticed, but it is important to note that these statements have no evidence, and if you want to risk a thinner waistline, it is fundamental that you adopt a healthy diet, since these pieces cannot offer miraculous effects on their own merit.

Kim K Waist Trainer: find out if Waist Trainer is a health hazard or if it really works

Women will do everything they can to lose weight: they will reduce calorie intake, they will read product-packaging labels to find out if they contain any forbidden ingredients, regularly exercise, etc. So, when they know something that guarantees a leaner belly – in a few weeks – they decide to test completely.

The latest trend among celebrities is the best waist trainer, a modeling belt much like the corsets worn in the 1500s to sharpen and define waistline. The idea is to wear the garment for a while every day and only by doing this they will be able to shape your bodies into an hourglass figure.

On an interview, certain celebrity like Kim K said they she was wearing a weight-loss belt she got as gift during her pregnancy. Recently, another famous said she is obsessed with the belt after seeing how her sisters became curvaceous and said that the waist trainer even improves posture.

kim k waist trainer

But, waist trainer really work? By wearing it, could you crush lungs and ribs, making breathing difficult? Some women faint when they wear the belt for a long time, said a nutrition expert. In fact, for some people, the waist trainer when worn for a long period of time can crush some organs, compress lungs and fracture some ribs.

In addition, the specialist ensures that the belt does not work. You cannot reduce fat in a specific area of the body. If you squeeze your belly, it will return to the place after you take off the belt, regardless of how long you wear it, fat will continue there, explained the specialist. However, regardless of these comments, some people wear the waist trainer without any damages.

But, to achieve a real weight loss, it will be better to invest in another strategy. In order to have a localized weight loss, we need to lose an overall percentage of excess fat. When wearing a waist trainer to define lines and tackling those “love handles” and lumps around your tummy, you will compress and spread fat under the organs and around the back.

How to wear a waist trainer

There are different types of waist trainer, let us talk about the most famous one, worn by celebrities; it is a kind of corset that catches under the breasts to the end of the belly, making the waist thinner. It helps during the training of the upper limbs, it is worn tight so that the body stretches and this way a waistline is tuned.

Ijoobi’s waist trainer, when worn correctly, brings several benefits to those who wear during physical exercises, starting with the waist, which is noticeably thinner with the constant wear of the trainer. But, in addition, because it holds the entire belly region, it helps to leave the place more “solid”, and with it lose localized fat more quickly.

As there are several models available, we suggest you choose the one that works best for you and that you do not get too bothered during the wear and tear. When you find the one that fits you best, it is possible to wear it all the time, including under clothes when you are not training. In addition, the modeling belts still help improve posture, leaving the body upright and avoiding future spinal problems.

The results are true, but in the long run, it is no use to think that in the first month your waist will be noticeably thinner, discipline and patience are needed. No miracle cure, but persistence and adjusting to a level of comfort to you.

Have a pleasant shape!

Emotions Also Fatten Up

In the West we have become accustomed to living in a culture that covers many negative emotions with food, and has taught us that food is comfort and help in the difficult ways of life.

An example of this can be seen in some popular phrases such as:”The sorrows with bread are less”,”Bread and wine, cheer up the road”,”The dead in the hole and the alive in the bun”. That’s why we “kill” many emotions with food, which can be compulsive and therefore fattening us up.

Now, what emotions can affect us from a nutritional point of view? Certainly more than we thought. Grief, fear, frustration, feelings of loneliness, boredom, are some of the negative feelings that invite us to empty the pantry. Euphoria, post-coitus fatigue, anxiety on the eve of some important and joyful event, are some of the positive ones.

Although the reasons are very different, in both cases we eat to relieve or control our emotions, so they can make us fatter.

The best diet is one that represents a change of style not only in food but much more profoundly; it is the one that offers us a global personal discovery that we carry and that leads us along the path of self-acceptance. So let us consider some very interesting points:

If we start a diet in the hope of looking like someone else or to please someone else more, we will never be able to maintain it and frustration will make us fall into the pit of not liking ourselves.

The best diet consists in achieving the balance between what we are and what we want to be, in being able to listen to our body and our intimate “I”.

We only stop getting fat and begin to lose weight when emotionally we are in a state of serenity.

We will only reach a correct state of serenity with the acceptance of who we are and with the joy of distancing ourselves from ourselves (see objectively our qualities and defects) and seeing ourselves with love.

Not only are the skinny ones happy, nor is no little stuffing happy. He is happy who knows how to live with kindness, joy and tenderness with himself, and with the different circumstances that surround his life in every moment.

Posting Calories

The calories contained in food provide our body with the energy it needs to carry out its activities. When we reduce calorie intake, the body uses its own reserves and promotes weight loss. The burning of calories depends on sex, age, complexion and daily activity.

If our work is sedentary, that is, it does not involve an exercise and, in addition, we do not perform any sport or have more than fifty years, the calorie expenditure is around 1,700 calories.

If we carry out a lot of activity, both personal and professional, and practice some type of exercise, we will have a calorie expenditure that will be around 2,200 calories.

If we are young or not so young, but extremely active, we can spend about 2,800 calories a day.

The Ultimate Abs Stimulator Before and After Working on the Muscles for 6 Weeks

There is always a bunch of people willing to believe only if they can actually see it! It is a biblical question and we set up to solve it, working on our favor. The activity of the abs stimulator before and after using for 6 weeks have left some people wondering how that can be possible.

There is only one-way to reply to them. Technology! Not any mind-blowing weird thing, but a cutting-edge technology using EMS, Electric Muscle Stimulation. The idea is not new. They use already this process of recovering when people suffered from side effects caused by nerve traumas or damages.

The concept is to reproduce brain activity on the electromagnetic current to the muscle fibers. This is what the brain already does every day. The Ultimate Abs Stimulator acts on a production of stimuli to the muscle fibers, using electric current. This whole process is done without any pain or suffering. There is no discomfort.

Abs Stimulator before and after

How does The Ultimate Abs Stimulator work on the muscles

Before going to the mechanics of the practice. It is worth mention that a clinic had done an experiment using as reference a person, before any knowledge of the abs wonders. The person chosen was a woman whose life was so busy and she did not have any time for gym, not even for a proper cup of coffee! Rush, rush, and rush was her life style.

Her first concern when asked to participate was that she could not afford any time off work. We had to explain that she was going to perform an activity in conjunction, that is, no need to take time off work. She was happy and agreed on a before and after experiment.

She went through an introductory process of learning about the benefits of the Abs stimulator and registering her measures around the muscle area and the health condition of the muscle fibers. The idea was to record the number before in order to compare later on after the use of ABS for 6 weeks.

She had to record on a pad everyday her experiences and the time she was wearing the device. Fist week she reported having had a small tingle on the first hour, but soon after that, she was fine. No discomfort at all, and she was wearing the belt for work.

The Ultimate Abs Stimulator is made from a very soft, anti-allergic material and is lightweight. It is in a shape of a padding over the muscle area. Uses batteries to deliver the electromagnetic current and a control panel to adjust impulses to the fibers.

In a nutshell, we could say that the ABS is as attempt to reproduce brain activity over the nerve system. It is a device delivering electric current, which otherwise is done by the brain as a normal activity. Abs intensifies the current, enhancing muscle performance and tone.

Comparing results, before and after

After the agreed 6 weeks period, it was clearly confirmed a remarkable change on the muscle structure. They had gone from flaccid and soft to a much harder and firm consistence. Therefore, that was a reduction of about 4 centimeters around the waistline.

However, this was not the only incredible feature achieved by the ABS. She was actually feeling a lot better in terms of posture and overall physical performance. Normally this sense of well-being has to do with better flow of blood circulation. Bingo, it was confirmed she had demonstrated an improvement on her blood pressure!

Furthermore, that loss of stomach circumference was converted into a loss of weight also. She lost nearly 4 kilos in 6 weeks, effortlessly! That was no significant stress, only the initial tingle on the first hours, and no side effects. She was very happy to participate and she feels like another person now. According to her, she will be using The Ultimate Abs Stimulator for a long time.

The comparison of before and after was done in a controlled environment and the results may differ from person to person. It is quite possible that you will get a slightly bigger reduction around your waist area, or may lose less weight. Either way, the idea of healthier, firmer and toned muscles it is an appealing one to everybody!