Does a Waist Trainer help you at the Gym?

Another trend won space on social media: the best waist trainer. Reminiscent from the ancient corset and widely worn by royalty women. Today, the big fuss is due to the fact that the piece is worn to work out at the gym. According to famous reports, they have the “power” to eliminate excess fat around the waist much faster, especially those nasty love handles, difficult to get rid of only with aerobics and bodybuilding.

Seeking to optimize the results of physical activity, many anonymous and famous women began practicing while wearing corsets, a kind of bodybuilding belt that would help to make their waist thinner while exercising at the gym. But, waist trainer really work in the gym? Would not that be bad for your health?

Waist Trainer Routine: Uses

Some experts say that a corset sharpens waistline as it leaves it higher by tightening the region, shaping the body through compression and can actually generate a change in body shape on a long-term.

The tactic of wearing corsets to lose weight can be risky, since, according to the experts, people wear the wrong way. The right way to wear it on a day-to-day basis would not be over-tightening, but wearing in a comfortable compression. Use your level as reference. Overdoing could cause serious damages to your breathing and spine.

Risks associated with wearing Waist Trainer

Many celebrities often post photos on Instagram wearing the device on a daily basis or before workout. However, they can even wear for a time to suite their level of safety. Do the same and follow your body indication of wellbeing. Never too much and never too long!

The main problem caused by wearing a belt at the gym is that, if it is too tight, it can generate atrophy of the muscles in the back. They cannot contract, they get excessively relaxed. It is like putting plaster on a leg and the effect can be permanent.

This atrophy of muscles can also cause a person to develop herniated discs, pains in the spine, among other problems. Ijoobi’s Waist Trainer routine end up bringing a compression in the lower part of the chest and this leads to respiratory restriction, which can lead to insufficiency when the wear is too excessive. This can lead to a carbonic narcosis and the patient faints.

waist trainer in the gym

Contraindications: women who already have some type of problem in the spine and atrophy of the abdominal muscles should avoid wearing a waist trainer. The same recommendation applies to those who, during pregnancy, had atrophy in the musculature of the abdomen and back. However, a waist trainer or a shaper is highly recommend to recover from delivery or any form or surgery.

Like anything else related to our health, we must pay close attention to any side effects. There is no way to predict what may cause to your body if there is no combination with proper dieting and exercising. No way to avoid problems if you are not wearing the proper way. In the worst-case scenario, it is recommended that the use should be discontinued and seek medical advice.

Overall, a vast majority of women and men are adopting a new approach to work out at the gym wearing a waist trainer. Some women may even wear over their favorite outfit. The effect of instant reduction on waistline is the main benefit women are getting from a waist trainer. Whether there is significant weight loss or not, they are quite happy to train their waist to stay thinner.

On a more personal recommendation, I could say that I wear and I cannot see myself anymore not exhibiting a sharp, lean and thin waistline!

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